Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easter Seasoned Foods

REJOICE! Our Savior, Jesus, has risen from the dead. Alleluia! Here are some of my favorite springtime and Easter celebration foods.


Empty Tomb Rolls: If you do a search, you'll find many recipe and slight variations. Basically this is a regular roll recipe, wrapped around a large marshmallow or Peep. When baked, the mallow melts away leaving a hollow opening. I choose a sweet roll recipe, spread on cinnamon and poppy seed paste, then wrapped it around the marshmallow.

Rainbow Ribbon Gelatin: I was nervous how this would turn out, but it was so simple to do and came together so lovely. It is also a sweet treat that all ages will enjoy. Recipe and Picture Directions.

Rainbow Bread: I am not certain where I got the bread recipe, but this is just a handmade white bread that I separated into sections to add food coloring. When you layer them and then tightly roll it up, it looks like this! These slices made the most lovely and delicious french toast.

Leftover Ham & Wild Rice Soup

Peep Scenes:  Apparently it is super popular to make scenes with all your marshmallow Peeps. This was my Old Testament Peep cake. I'm sorry, it tasted even worse than it looks. Oh well, I tried.

Dyed Eggs: It's tradition. However I encouraged the kids to draw symbols of the Easter Season.

 Spring Cakes:  My grandmother gave me all her cake decorating supplies. I had so much fun making brightly colored cakes for any occasion.


Cinnamon Communion Bread (with or without leavening): My recipe is very simple and brings back memories as this is what we eat for supper every Holy Thursday with my family. It is quite delicious and filling. Of course it's not regular unleavened bread, but it's something the kids will enjoy while you read from the Bible.

Gelatin Chalice: The children have always enjoyed a nice cup of sparkling juice or these gelatin cups that resemble the Chalice at Mass. More details

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