Friday, February 6, 2009

Taco Noodle Casserole

Great for picky kids and it tastes better than it looks...
[Makes about 8 servings]
1 lbs Ground Beef or Turkey, browned
1 pkt Taco Seasoning
Mix as directed on seasoning packet.
2 boxes, or 1 pot of Macaroni and Cheese
1 c. corn, steamed or canned
Make Macaroni and Cheese either from a box or homemade to fill medium pot. Add corn and taco seasoned beef. Stir together, and serve warm.

When you have a lid that is hot and steamy, do not place it flat on your counter or stove top. The darn thing creates a suction so strong you could lift your oven with it! [Picture an Oreck Commercial with the bowling ball test.] And if you got a high quality lid like we do, the seal will be so perfect, you will freak out to your mother on the phone - how on earth will you remove the darn thing before your hubby comes home?!
If this happens, risk scratching your surface by taking a sharp knife and wedging it underneath enough to let in any kind of air to break the suction. It literally took a microscopic hole and a few minutes to release.
To avoid feeling like an idiot infront of your family, set your hot lid upside down or angled over something so air can travel under it.
Pot lid still stuck to the stove/countertop or the pot itself? Yahoo also has an answer for this one. Basically heat it up somehow, since the seal is made from the steam cooling.

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