Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jack Daniels Jerky Strips

created by Melissa Michalek

2 lbs Venison or beef, ground or rib strips

1 c. Jack Daniels Whisky,
1/2 c. Teriyaki Sauce,
3 Tbsp Seasoned Salt (Tastefully Simple's is the best)

>>this is approximate - adjust as necessary or to taste!

Stir into meat, cover and let sit in fridge overnight.

Then use a jerky press to create strips onto dehydrator and follow machine directions for temperature/timing.

Cheesy Chops

Cheesy Chops
from the kitchen of Carole Michalek
serves 2-4
4-6 Butterfly Pork Chops
2 med Onions, circle sliced
4-6 Potatoes, circle sliced thin
2 can Cream of Mushroom
6 Sliced Cheese
Salt & Pepper

Place chops on bottom of 9x13. Add salt & pepper. Cover with onions, potatoes, then cheese slices. Pour Cream of Mushroom over entire dish. Cover with foil and bake at 375* for 1 hour 15 minutes.
Isn't your mouth watering already!?

Carole and Mikayla doing dishes in her kitchen.

ht: photo courtesy of here

Broccoli Raisin Salad

Known to us as the scrumptious
"Tequillaberry’s” Broccoli Salad
4 c. Broccoli, chopped
1 c. Raisins (or sliced grapes)
1 c. Sunflower Seeds
1 sm. Red Onion, diced
1 c. Bacon pieces (or 1 lb cooked & crumbled)

1 c. Hellman’s Mayonnaise
½ c. Splenda Sweetner or Sugar
1 ½ tbsp Vinegar

Mix and pour over salad. Set at least four (4) hours.

THIS IS OUR FAVORITE POTLUCK DISH TO SHARE. There are never leftovers, but if there are they're just as delicious!

Broccoli Raisin Salad on FoodistaBroccoli Raisin Salad
h/t: photo from here

Crunchy Broccoli Romaine Salad

This is by far my family's favorite salad. It is simple to make, and it packs in the fiber you need. To make it a meal, simply add warm sliced chicken!

Crunchy Broccoli Romaine Toss
from Taste of Home Magazine
1 c. Splenda Sweetner or Sugar
1 c. Vegetable Oil
1/2 c. Cider Vinegar
4 tsp Soy Sauce
opt. Salt & Pepper

3 bunches fresh Broccoli, chopped
1 bag Romaine, chopped
5 Green Onions, chopped
1 pkg Ramen Noodles, broken
½ c. Chopped Walnuts or Slivered Almonds (optional)

Just before serving, toss together with dressing and walnuts.

We have had this without the noodles and nuts, but it's just not the same.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheesy Hashbrowns

This is one of those family recipes that just has to be made either at the fall or Easter gatherings. Goes great with ham. I am certain you will enjoy it as much as we do!

from the kitchen of Pat Maltzen
serves 10-12

2 lb frozen Hashbrowns, thawed
½ c Butter, melted
1 tsp Salt
¼ tsp Pepper
1 can Cream of Chicken, undiluted [Gluten Free Recipe]
2 c Cheddar Cheese, grated
¾ c Onions, chopped
2 c Sour Cream
2 c Cornflakes (crush & mix with butter above)

Make ahead & bake at last minute for best results!
Also great in a crockpot.
  1. Combine all ingredients except hash and cornflake mix.

  2. Mix hashbrowns into 9x13 glass baking dish.

  3. Sprinkle on cornflakes.

  4. Bake at 350* for 45 minutes.
Image courtesy of Our Recipe Garden

Mummy Wraps

1 (11oz) can Pillsbury Breadsticks
10-12 Hot Dogs

  1. Preheat oven to 375*

  2. Open can of breadstick dough, and cut each of 12 breadsticks into 4 pieces (once lengthwise, then once in half) creating 48 strips of dough.

  3. Wrap each hotdog like a mummy leaving one space open for the eyes/mouth.

  4. Bake at 375* for 13-15 minutes or until lightly browned.

  5. When slightly cooled, decorate with ketchup and mustard for eyes and mouths. Easiest to put some ketchup/mustard in a small baggie and cut a tiny hole.

I found this recipe in the Pillsbury cookbooks you find at the checkout at the grocery store. It's got some great ideas in there. We like to call them "Jonah Doggies" like Jonah from the Veggie Tales movie, because he had that turban on his head. Consider it a Christian label for this fun food!

Blessings Snack Mix

  • Bugles: Shaped like cornucopia or Horn of Plenty… a symbol of our nation’s abundance.

  • Pretzels: Arms folded in prayer, a freedom sought by those who founded our country.

  • Candy Corn: The sacrifices of the Pilgrims’ first winter. Food was so scarce that settlers survived on just a few kernels of corn a day.

  • Nuts or seeds: Promise of a future harvest, one we will reap only if seeds are planted and tended with diligence.

  • Dried fruits: Harvest gifts from our bountiful land.

  • M&M’s: Memories of those who came before us to lead us into a blessed future.

  • Hershey’s Kiss: The love of family and friends that sweetens our lives

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Polish Mistakes

Polish Mistakes (Savory Sausage Cheese Bites)
makes 40-45 appetizer servings

1 pkg Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage (cooked, drained and crumbled)
1 lb Ground Beef (cooked, drained, crumbled)
½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
¼ tsp hot pepper sauce
2 Tbsp ketchup
1 lb Velveeta Cheese, cubed
1 pkg party rye bread (or larger rye/pumpernickel bread for main course)

Cook meats, adding in sauces and ketchup. Then melt over with cheese cubes. Let it cool and thicken a bit, then spoon over rye bread. Bake in oven at 350* for 8-10 minutes or until cheese bubbles. Serve immediately or cooled.

Raspberry Pretzel Salad

A family favorite from the Hartung Family. I also found this one in my Grandma Ludy Maltzen's recipe box. It's just scrumptious!

6 oz Raspberry Jello
2 c Boiling Water
20 oz Raspberries
8 oz Cream Cheese
12 oz Cool Whip
1 c Sugar
2 c Crushed Pretzels (regular or Gluten Free)
¾ c Butter
2 tsp Sugar

  1. Put bundt pan in freezer before using.

  2. Mix jello with boiling water. Add raspberries. Grease bundt cake pan and pour in mixture. Refrigerate until gelled.

  3. Mix cream cheese, cool whip and sugar. Whip together. Pour over jello and refrigerate until next step is ready.

  4. Mix crushed pretzels, butter and sugar. Bake at 350* for 8 min. Cool. Then press into cream cheese layer. Regrigerate until ready to serve.

  5. Before serving, set in warm water and loosen with knife on edges. Put serving plate on top, then jiggle loose onto plate.
H/T Picture found at Recipe Tips

Granny Smith Snicker Salad

6 cored, chopped Granny Smith apples (skin on)
6-8 frozen mini Snicker candy bars (they are GF)
1 container Cool Whip topping
1 tsp Cinnamon/allspice mix (optional)

Put frozen Snicker bars into zip lock bag and break into small pieces using rubber mallet or cut into bite size pieces. Mix apples and broken Snicker bars together. Just before serving, mix in the Cool Whip.

H/T Image from The Makeshift Cook

Caramel Apple Bars

Recipe Courtesy of Betty Crocker

1 c packed brown sugar
½ c butter, softened
¼ c shortening
1 ¾ c all purpose flour
1 ½ c quick-cooking oats
1 tsp salt
½ tsp baking soda
4 ½ c coarsely chopped peeled tart apples (3 medium)
3 Tbsp all purpose flour
1 bag (14 oz) caramels

1. Heat oven to 400* F. Mix brown sugar, butter and shortening in large bowl. Stir in 1 ¾ c flour, the oats, salt and baking soda. Reserve 2 cups oat mixture; press remaining oat mixture in ungreased rectangular pan (13x9x2”)

2. Toss apples and 3 Tbsp flour; spread over mixture in pan. Heat caramels over low heat, stirring occasionally, until melted; pour evenly over apples. Sprinkle with reserved oat mixture; press lightly.

3. Bake 25-30 minutes or until topping is golden brown and apples are tender. For 36 bars, cut into 6 rows by 6 rows while warm. Store covered in refrigerator.

Nutritional Values for 1 bar: Calories 145; Fat 5g; Cholesterol 10 mg; Sodium 130 mg; Potassium 80mg; Carbohydrates 24g (dietary fiber 1g); Protein 2g


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