Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch in the Forest


Our children eat healthier and new options if I make it fun for them. Here is a lunch I came up with this fall.

TREE: My kids don't eat the hotdog in a bun, but they love it wrapped with croissants. That's the trunk of the pine tree! The evergreen is pickle spears cut in half. The ground is ketchup for dipping.
BUNNY: For fruit, I have bunny made of a canned pear half with a marshmallow tail, banana chip ears, and a mini carrot to eat.
LOGS: The logs are cut up carrots. The organic carrots are so flavorful, they don't need ranch dip.

For Dessert:
Dark Forest Brownies with bat sprinkles and candy eyes!

As a fun activity, we also made finger paints using a recipe of corn starch, confectioners sugar, water, food coloring, and fall seasonings. While it's safe to eat - don't, it's gross! If you want edible, just add to vanilla pudding. But it smelled so good. We used
ORANGE=Pumpkin Spice
GREEN=Apple Pie (frosting flavor)
PURPLE=??(can't recall)
BROWN=Hot Cocoa (cocoa)

Fingerpainting Fingerpainting
Fingerpainting Fingerpainting

Of course this is around All Hallows Eve, so you need to bake up the pumpkin seeds for a snack!

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