Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lunch in the Forest


Our children eat healthier and new options if I make it fun for them. Here is a lunch I came up with this fall.

TREE: My kids don't eat the hotdog in a bun, but they love it wrapped with croissants. That's the trunk of the pine tree! The evergreen is pickle spears cut in half. The ground is ketchup for dipping.
BUNNY: For fruit, I have bunny made of a canned pear half with a marshmallow tail, banana chip ears, and a mini carrot to eat.
LOGS: The logs are cut up carrots. The organic carrots are so flavorful, they don't need ranch dip.

For Dessert:
Dark Forest Brownies with bat sprinkles and candy eyes!

As a fun activity, we also made finger paints using a recipe of corn starch, confectioners sugar, water, food coloring, and fall seasonings. While it's safe to eat - don't, it's gross! If you want edible, just add to vanilla pudding. But it smelled so good. We used
ORANGE=Pumpkin Spice
GREEN=Apple Pie (frosting flavor)
PURPLE=??(can't recall)
BROWN=Hot Cocoa (cocoa)

Fingerpainting Fingerpainting
Fingerpainting Fingerpainting

Of course this is around All Hallows Eve, so you need to bake up the pumpkin seeds for a snack!

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Cucumber Canoes

Cucumber Canoes
I came across this idea in a magazine about playing with your food. Of course my kids had so much fun playing and eating this lunch. Like everything, I take it up a notch and share my ideas with you!

Use a spoon to carve out a cucumber half. Fill with Tuna Salad. Add radishes and carrots on top as people with paddles.
Tuna Salad for us is:
Tuna, Mayonnaise, Chopped Onions and Celery, Seasoned Salt and Pepper

Cucumber Canoes
Cucumber Canoes

Adults will enjoy this too! It can also be made Mayonnaise free using the scraped out cucumber seeds and looks more like this:

Ricecake Snowmen

Our children had so much fun with this, they didn't realize it's a "healthy snack!"
Ricecake Snowmen
Rice Cakes
Cream Cheese
Shredded Carrots, and carrot tips
Mini Crackers
Radishes, circle slices and root ends
Optional: Shredded Cheese, Olive slices, Cereal squares, Broccoli, etc.

Spread Cream Cheese (snow) onto rice cake circle. Let the kids decorate with dried fruits and fresh veggies.
Ricecake SnowmenRicecake Snowmen

Ricecake SnowmenRicecake Snowmen

Ricecake SnowmenRicecake Snowmen


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