Monday, January 12, 2015

Preparing for a Whole30

A Whole30 [Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Clean Eating lifestyle] can be successful if you are prepared. These are some tips I've learned along the way to take the pressure off from those moments of  - Ack! Now what!?

The Whole30 website has a plethora of information. There is a great Step-by-Step Guide that begins here:  Whole30 Step One  It includes program rules and steps for success. You'll also find great Downloads, Forums and other support.

Here is an exceptional list of links to help you get started preparing to do a Whole30 with children:
Intentional by Grace: Whole30 Challenge w Kids
Whole9Life: Raising Good Food Kids
Real Food Nutrition for Kids e-book

Whole30 Wk1
If you do find compliant dressings/condiments in the store or online, you're going to pay dearly for them. So why not make them fresh at home. Control the ingredients yourself and save some money. Follow the recipe and it'll taste great. If you don't think its great, read the comments section for things other people changed. Also, realize that this is not your regular store bought condiment. It is not meant to taste just as sweet and addicting. These are to add a dollop of flavor to your main course.
Ghee (Clarified Butter) (recipe)
Paleo Mayo (recipe) (recipe)
Paleo Ketchup (recipe) (carrot ketchup)
Paleo BBQ Sauce (recipe)
No-Mato Sauce (recipe)
Orange Poppy Seed Dressing (recipe)
Italian Dressing (recipe)
Avocado Ranch Dressing (recipe)
Taco Seasoning (recipe)

Other Jarred/Prepared Items:
Homemade Salsa (Pineapple Salsa Recipe)
Dill Pickles

Drink Variety
Kefir/Kombucha Water
Fruit Infused Water
Sparkling Water (unsweetened)
Tea bags or Coffee grounds
Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Dried Fruit *for compliancy, make your own! (Plantain recipe)
Almond Butter
Quick Slice Fruit/Veggies: Apples, Bananas, Cucumbers
Frozen Grapes (recipe)
Paleo Date Bars (Almond Joy recipe) (Raw Carrot Balls)
Gelatin Jigglers (recipe)

*Don't forget your Vitamin and Omega supplements. We take supplements regardless of our diet to ensure our whole health is covered. Especially when not every child will eat what's on their plate each day, and I often find myself pregnant and needing a boost!

The whole idea here is meal planning. When you write down what you plan to have for each meal for a week, you can quickly write a grocery list and plan for success! Everything you buy will have a purpose, so there is no overspending or wasted food. There will be a once a week big trip, then maybe one quick grab towards the end of the week for a few fresh items. With your menu in front of you, you'll know what you need and when.
But there is still freedom to switch up a few meals on the list depending upon a busy schedule and what you're in the mood for!
Here's a quick peek at our fridge this week. Isn't it pretty!?
Whole30 Wk1
Not everything pictured here is compliant, but each person in our family has special needs - and it's okay to accommodate for those needs. It's YOUR plan. The Whole30 has great guidelines that are worth sticking to, but if your baby needs milk and your husband needs more starches for a days work - you find a way for your family.
We also buy in bulk, which means some of the meat and veggies I buy, may be split up to cover meals the following week. It saves money and prep time. If I buy a huge lot of ground beef, I'll be making meatballs, meatloaves, burger patties, etc to last a few meals. When I'm done with my fresh spinach for the week, I throw the rest in the freezer to cook at another meal. If you find a bulk fruit at a good price in season, see if it's one you should can or freeze for later (peaches, grapes, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, onions, etc) We also grow our own food and hunt, and getting better at planning it will be our key to success this year. We have a nice stock of venison, pasture raised beef, green beans, summer squash, and onions.

I hope that helps you plan for a confident, well prepared start to your new nutrition approach! Please share any ideas, tips, or questions you have in the comments below.

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