Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whole Family Whole30 Wk5

Our Whole Family Whole30 Meal Plan is complete! Taking a couple days to enjoy our favorite meals before entering the transition phase. It's been an excellent month of eating savory, whole foods. There's no doubt it will be our main way of eating for years to come.

Walking up and down every isle at Costco (and all day long) my maternity pants would not stay up and I've tired of hiking them up in public. I'm not upset, because after 30 days on the Whole 30 (at 27 weeks pregnant) I have lost 9lbs! This food paired with regular use of my Melaleuca Prenatal Vitamins has been a real boost to my system. My best non-scale victories include
*normal blood sugars (no need for daytime insulin - I have Gestational Diabetes)
*no nightmares
*no desperate need for naps (no fatigue)
*no brain fog, I can multitask again!
*better control of emotions (that's a feat being pregnant)
*haven't been wearing my reading glasses
*no rashes and clearer skin
*no IBS symptoms
*no severe depression
*hypo-thyroid medication has remained level (typically changes in pregnancy)
*generally not feeling those pregnancy woes that come along around this time.

I am so happy to be feeding my family food that makes them feel better too! My husband has lost 21 lbs and loves telling coworkers what's for lunch! He's upped his energy, has clearer vision, and no tingly spine pain after back injury. My 12yo daughter is down 6 lbs, clothes fit so much better, and she has reduced joint pain! My 10yo son fits his clothes better and has more zest in his step! My once winter-lethargic and distant minded little kiddos have a lot of energy ready to be unleashed when it warms up, and are very talkative. January 2015 had its challenges, but we totally rocked it!

Wk5 Day29
B: BLT Scrambled Eggs/Omelettes w Peaches
Bacon Tomato n Scrambled Eggs w Peaches BLT Scrambled Eggs w Peaches
L: Tuna Cucumber Salad or Tuna Casserole (Recipe - use cauliflower vs rice)
Snack: Jicama sticks and Guac
S: BBQ Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps w Green Beans and Pickles
Hubby's Take-Out
Hubbys Takeout BLT and Scrambled Eggs

Wk5 Day30
B: Zucchini Fritters w Bacon (recipe -modify w Almond/Coconut Flour)
L: Turkey Meatballs w Broccoli and Pickles
Turkey MBs w Broccoli
Snack: Strawberry Almond Date Bites (inspired by recipe)
S: Curry Chicken Stir Fry (recipe) w extra broccoli or Cauliflower-Rice

*Follow along the journey of our next 12 days of transitioning. We will test a food group one at a time and take two days of Whole30 eating to determine allergies or sensitivities, then move onto the next food. We will be trying Dairy, Gluten-Free Grains, Legumes then Gluten Grains.

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